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The Return of the Candy Bombers

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The Largest Relief Operation in History

70 Year Anniversary of the Berlin Airlift

It was the most spectacular and largest relief operation in history; an organizational masterpiece and an impressive demonstration of humanitarian support and adherence: the Allied airlift to West Berlin. From 1948 to 1949 it kept more than two million people alive by transporting food and other crucial goods. It included more than 270,000 flights – almost 1,000 per day. The statistics of this relief operation are still overwhelming. The aeronautical and logistical effort of the pilots and ground crews remains unique. The boundless human commitment was impressive –a phenomenon that in retrospect should be called “the Airlift spirit”.  This “Airlift Spirit” describes the great ability of mankind to overcome Seven deeply felt enmity and to stand together as a community. It is proof that even opponents of war can put aside differences and are prepared to take personal risks for the well-being of another, a stranger in need. The “Airlift Spirit” stands for how, in seemingly hopeless situations, the will to help, a common goal, courageous decisions, and energetic engagement can overcome all obstacles. We want to revive this “Airlift Spirit” and carry it as a message into the world. It should be a summons to take action. It should bring back the idea of standing together. Rarely has the awareness of this idea been so important as it is today.

The Event

The Return of the Candy Bomber

Historisches Schwarzweißfoto aus Berlin nach der

Events 10.06.2019 → 18.06.2019

Events for the 70th Anniversary of the Berlin Airlift

The heroes of this unique humanitarian relief operation and solidarity were the pilots and ground crews of the “Raisin Bombers”. Of the aircraft involved, only a few exist in the world today. These are in the hands of private owners, foundations, museums, and clubs and, with great effort, can again be airborne.

From all over the world

In June 2019 historic “Raisin Bombers” from all over the world will return for the 70th anniversary of the Berlin Airlift – most likely for the last time. The wonderful Dakotas, DC4s, and JU 52s will make their way to Berlin from the most diverse places in the world: from Europe, Russia and 15 from the United States. Even an owner from Australia will do his best to be present. Two DC4s will come from South Africa. And finally, Lufthansa’s JU 52 will join the airlift.

“Airlift to Touch”

Nearly 40 aircraft will be part of this once-in-a-lifetime-event. This is enough to recreate a real airlift at the original time intervals and will be accompanied by public events including school and youth projects. For the first time in history, the airlift will be visible and tangible for everybody. At  airfields in Wiesbaden-Erbenheim, Fassberg (Celle), Jagel (Kiel), in Berlin, and on Schönhagen, crews and planes will be open to the public. An “air bridge to touch” for 9 days – from Monday, June 10th to Tuesday evening, June 18th – the Raisin Bombers will be present in the air and at the historic airfields.

The Event


10. - 11. June

15. June

15. June

16. - 17. June

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C-47 “Virginia Ann” N62CC


From the beginning “The Return of the Candy Bomber” opened  hearts and doors. The involvement of aircraft owners and pilots is great. The old aircraft are now being extensively restored and technically prepared. The supply of special aviation fuel, accommodation, and supply for the approximately 250 crew and team members, insurance and fees, must be financed for this literally “once-in-a-lifetime” event.

Every donation is welcome. For companies there are also sponsorship / advertising packages available with different programs for customers and employees.