1949 Luftbrücke Berlin 2019


70 years Berlin Airlift

Förderverein Luftbrücke Berlin 70 e.V.

Mission Statement

It was the most spectacular and largest relief operation in history; an organizational masterpiece and an impressive demonstration of humanitarian support and adherence: the Allied airlift to West Berlin. From 1948 to 1949 it kept more than two million people alive by transporting food and other crucial goods. More than 270,000 flights – almost 1,000 per day – were required.

The statistics of this relief operation are still overwhelming. The aeronautical and logistical services remain unique and always connected with the pilots and ground crews.

The boundless human commitment remains impressive – and a phenomenon that in retrospect should be called “the airlift spirit”. This “airlift spirit” describes the great ability of the mankind to overcome even deeply felt enmity and to stand together as a new destiny community.

It is the living proof that even opponents of war, in times of need without any ifs and buts, are prepared to take personal risks for the well-being of another, a stranger in need.

The “Airlift Spirit” stands for how in seemingly hopeless situations the will to help, a common goal, courageous decisions and energetic engagement can overcome all obstacles.

We want to revive this “Airlift Spirit” and carry it as a message into the world. It should be summons and action maxim. It should bring back the ability of standing together. Rarely has the awareness of this ability been as important as it is today.

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